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When you’ve got a problem with your Islandaire Air conditioner, however small, it’s unacceptable. Any little thing, from dripping, icing, or nonstop cycling, is disruptive to your home and comfort. Ignoring these issues only leads to greater damage, more labor-intensive repairs, and higher costs. To get maximum reward from your cooling system, contact the professionals from Sigma Air Conditioning. We service all Islandaire models, regardless of where you bought it, and deliver accurate solutions at affordable rates. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and become your first and only choice for all of your Islandaire PTAC needs. We build lasting relationships with our clients through lasting results.

With expert Islandaire A/C repairs, you’ll stay cool all year long!

While your cooling system is a complex appliance, malfunctions are often caused by very simple things, such as dust buildup, improper refrigerant charge, worn blower, or issues with the blower or coils. With prompt and knowledgeable service, correcting these faults is not only inexpensive but cost-effective. Your Islandaire Air conditioner equipment, when operating in peak condition, provides greater energy efficiency, extended lifespan, superior comfort, and healthier air quality. If you have any concerns with your air conditioner, don’t struggle with excess humidity, insufficient cooling, or needlessly high utility bills. Your time at home is too important to spend it in discomfort. Contact the specialists from Sigma Air Conditioning. Let our trained technicians pinpoint problems, optimize performance, and ensure low cost and consistent operation. No job is too big or too small, and if you should be confronted with system failure or repair costs that exceed replacement, we offer free estimates with installation.

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EZ Series 16,EZ Series25,EZ Series 26,EZ Series 40,EZ Series 41,EZ Series 42,EZ Series 45, EZ Series 5R, EZ Series AD,EZ Series CC,EZ Series CH,EZ Series 702,EZ Series 703,EZ Series 704,EZ Series CS, EZ Series EC,EZ Series ED,EZ Series G3
EZ Series GS,EZ Series HQ,EZ Series JA,EZ Series JK,EZ Series KF,EZ Series MX,EZ Series NY,EZ Series N3,EZ Series NC,EZ Series NE, EZ Series PD,EZ Series PT,EZ Series RB,EZ Series RK,EZ Series RM,EZ Series TE,EZ Series UN.

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