Ice-Air Air Conditioners Specialist Service In New York

Ice-Air Air Conditioners Specialist

If you have decided on a Ice Air  Air Conditioner  for your home, we at Sigma AC are the specialist service company you need to talk to. We supply all types of Ice Air equipment and are able to advise you on the correct unit for your apartment as well as installing the air conditioner.

Why use a specialist?
Using a specialist has many benefits when it comes to installing air conditioning system in your home. These systems need to be installed in a very specific way in order to ensure that they will work as efficiently as possible. When a specialist does the installation, they will do it as it should be done and you will be covered by warranties against damaged or break downs. You will also be covered by warranties and guarantees of both the manufacturers and the installer.We at Sigma ac have been servicing and installing Ice Air units in NYC for years and know our way around with PTAC installation. If it’s time for your yearly service, whether  you need a repair or just want a new AC unit installed, we have the expertise, knowledge and experience to make us the specialists to call. Call us today our Air conditioning experts are ready to answer all your questions.

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