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For expert Ice Cap air conditioning repairs and new unit’s installations, you'll be delighted with the great service, friendly advice and professional installation you receive from Sigma Air Conditioning. When you choose Sigma Air Conditioning, great service isn't just a promise, it's a guarantee. Discover the Sigma Air Conditioning air conditioning difference. For rapid on-time service for your air conditioning maintenance across New York City you'll appreciate the professional and punctual service you receive from Sigma Air Conditioning of New York City. It's the ultimate, air conditioning maintenance service in NYC. Discover how All Air can help you today:

1. Fast same day Ice Cap Air Conditioners service across NYC.  On-time, every time for your convenience - we run multiple air conditioning teams through NYC each and every day. We will dispatch the nearest available team to your home for even faster service.                                                                                                  

2. Ice Cap Air Conditioners-We have installed and repaired thousands of Ice Cap air conditioners units throughout New York City - you can count on expert diagnosis and repair. Air conditioning is all we do, and we're good at it - in the NYC heat and humidity we have to be! We can help with all your air conditioning issues, from malfunctions to impaired cooling.

3. Courteous Service - Your technician will be polite, clean and tidy - we'll leave your home as clean and tidy as we found it.

4. Energy Saving & Preventive -We'll not only help get your system running today, we'll help maximize the energy efficiency of your current unit, and offer preventative maintenance advice and service to help keep it running.

5. Quality workmanship, fully guaranteed-We offer a written warranty on all new parts and our workmanship.

6. Great service, Great Value -You don't only receive quality service, but also superb value - look out for our out-of-season air conditioning tune-up offers.

7. Helpful and Friendly - We are committed to providing the ultimate level of customer service from the first time you call us. For the best service for your Ice Cap air conditioning repairs and maintenance, with rapid service across NYC, call Sigma Air Conditioning of New York City today. 



Ice Cap Models#
5RSK07 5RSK09 5RSK13 8RSK09 8RSK13 8RSK16 8RSK18 5RSZ09 5RSZ13 8RSZ09 8RSZ13 8RSZ18 5RSMK09 5RSMK13 8RSMK13 8RSMK16 5RSF13 8RSF13 8RSF16 5RSEA07 5RSEA09 5RSEA13 8RSA09 8RSEA13 8RSEA18 5RSCM09 5RSCM13 8RSCM09 8RSCM13 8RSCM18 5RS1613 8RS1609 8RS1613 8RS1618 5RSAN07 5RSAN09 5RSAN13 8RSAN07 8RSAN09 8RSAN13 8RSAN15 8RSAN18 5RSNU07 5RSNU09 5RSNU13 8RSNU07 8RSNU09 8RSNU13 8RSNU15 8RSNU18

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