filter cleaning

Cleaning the air conditioner filters

The function of the air conditioner filters is to prevent dirt and dust from entering the interior of the air conditioner. The filters do help, but do not completely prevent the dirt, so every few years a thorough cleaning of the air conditioner is required to prevent the spread of mold and bacteria.
The filters accumulate on their screen amounts of dust and are required to be cleaned twice a year by washing with soap and water.
In any split air conditioner, regardless of model and manufacturer, the filters are located under the front cover of the evaporator and can be dismantled in a simple and friendly manner even for those who do not have a technical skill. When dismantled, there is no need to use force, but rather to release them gently from the place they are located and prevent them from being torn or broken.

  Cleaning the filters is important for the smooth operation of the air conditioner, maximizes its output and prevents future damage such as: Seals that may cause water leakage, heating a compressor that may cause electric wires to burn, and so forth.
We recommend cleaning twice a year in spring and fall.

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