Ways to Save on Your electric Bill This Summer

Ways to Save on Your electric Bill This Summer

 Ways to Save on Your electric Bill This Summer – Tips from Air Conditioning Sales Service and Repair Experts in NYC

Summer time is coming. Everybody experiences the warm front of summer. In New York City, the average temperature level can go above 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Homeowners will be desperately looking for reliable air conditioning systems. Air conditioning is a major household expense. To save you both energy and cash, you need to utilize it, service and repair it properly.

Below are 7 effective methods for the performance and efficiency of your cooling system from NYC air conditioning experts:

  1. Stay clear of Direct Sunshine If possible, stay clear of direct sunshine to your room or outdoor system. You could utilize shades or curtains to minimize the impact of radiant heat from the sun. When using the air conditioning in your room, don’t forget to shut all doors and windows.


  1. Turn off the Exhaust Fans If you have exhaust fans in kitchen and bathroom, make sure to turn them off, or else they will certainly blow out the cool air from your room.


  1. Restrict the Lower of Thermostat Setup While it is not harm to set the thermostat lowest in hot weather, remember that lower temperature needs more energy. The comfy and also power conserve thermostat settings are around 70°F – 73°F.


  1. Use Window Air Conditioning Put your window air conditioning system only in the location or space that need to be cooled. This is money saver compared to a central cooling system.


  1. Size Does Matter You need to consult to an air conditioning expert in order to determine the proper air conditioning unit’s size for your room. An oversized unit is not effective as well as not cost efficient.


  1. Greater SEER rating is better SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. Make sure to buy a greater or higher SEER rating unit to save on energy and less power consumption. While it is a lot more expensive, keep in mind that the higher the SEER rating the more money you can save over time.


  1. Repair and Service Your Cooling System Regularly Just like any other equipment, an appropriately maintained air conditioning system can run effectively and can save you money. The air filters need to be replaced regularly. It is also recommended to clean the condenser or evaporator coils at the beginning of the period.


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